While the potential of current technology and insulin extends far beyond a list of “Dos and Don’ts” for people traveling with diabetes, there continues to be a shortcoming in detailed data-driven information regarding treatment and international travel. The William Sansum Diabetes Center (WSDC) is responding to this need through developing an online resource designed specifically to assist in the planning and management of insulin treatment while traveling internationally. While there are a plethora of pre-existing tip-pages or brief how-to guides, this website will comprehensively interact with various travel concerns including but not limited to trip preparation, how to adjust insulin across time zones, and specific regional considerations for international travelers with diabetes.

Personal specificity across a variety of technological platforms can and will be at our fingertips through this project being led by the Center’s Dr. David Kerr. It will involve a powerful innovation that combines mathematics, medicine, sociology, and communication in order to put the most current information and advanced research into the hands, phones, and laptops of individuals with diabetes, who can then use these resources to manage their diabetes—wherever they are.

Spread the word now and offer input while the site is still in its formative process!!

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