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Just shy of 7 million Americans with diabetes embark on international travel each year, and more than 10% of these individuals experience significant difficulties managing their blood glucose levels during a trip. Crossing time zones, flights delays, unfamiliar exercise, and trying new cuisine are just a few of the areas where travelers face challenges in keeping control of their diabetes.

At the William Sansum Diabetes Center (WSDC), we believe travel should be an accessible life choice for every individual, regardless of whether or not they have diabetes. With this in mind, we are proud to announce the launch of www.DiabetesTravel.org! This free online resource has been developed to meet the specific needs of insulin-treated travelers, and is a helpful complement to ongoing work by WSDC in the realm of diabetes and exercise (www.Excarbs.com), as well as creating diabetes friendly cities (www.GuiltFreeSB.com).

Our newest site provides vital travel information that will help you to prepare, travel, and enjoy your destination all while keeping your diabetes in good control. Explore a world without limits, just go!