Early morning bus from Santa Barbara!

Early morning bus from Santa Barbara!

A 4:30 am wake up, an airbus, two flights, and a shuttle later and we have arrived in España!

Security all the way through our trip was a breeze. Jeanie was well prepared with letters from her doctor explaining that she has diabetes and the equipment that she needs to carry with her. It is also good to be prepared for a pat down inspection so as to not expose certain types of diabetes devices to the security screening equipment. However, on this particular morning, Jeanie did not get stopped at all. I guess our hiking poles might have been a little more distracting then the small boxes containing her insulin!

We arrived early at our first gate in Los Angeles and, upon hearing it was a full flight, decided we should put a few days worth of diabetes supplies into a smaller drawstring bag to carry on in case they insisted at the gate on checking our larger packs through to our final destination. We especially wanted to make sure that Jeanie would have both her insulin and a fast acting glucose source close on hand during the flight.

All went smoothly and we were able to pass through on to the flight, managing to create only a small scene as we heaved ourselves against the overhead compartment to close it over our combined 45lbs of pack stacked on each other in the already limited space.

We made our connection in Atlanta and settled in for the longer flight to Madrid. Both dinner and breakfast were offered on this flight. Dinner options included pasta, chicken, or a salad. Jeanie stayed away from the pasta, as it was the vegetarian meal which she reasoned might not have sufficient protein. The salad didn’t appear filling enough for the 9 hours ahead, so the chicken meal seemed to be the best option. The chicken came covered with risotto and gravy, which Jeanie decided to scoot aside to improvise her own lower carb meal and one that would not feel so heavy for a long travel day of sitting. She had the small accompanying side salad, half the roll, and stashed the brownie for later in case she started going low later in the flight.

During the lights out pseudo night on the flight (it was still evening for us California time) Jeanie started to go low and decided to correct with the leftover dessert brownie. It didn’t do the trick as she continhed going low later in the flight, so she asked the stewardess for a glass of apple juice to help get back on track. It may not have been the most restful night, as she continually corrected for lows, but she did make good progress on her collection of Kindle books about the Camino.

on the long-haul flight to Madrid, Jeanie sat next to a woman whose nephew is type 1. She was able to share about the website and provide some helpful advice that the woman was very grateful for and will be sharing with her family. We made it through the long night, with the last few hours before landing taking place as the sun rose to tint the clouds purple and pink.

Breakfast was served not long before landing. Jeanie opted to skip the strawberry yougurt which was high in sugar, and instead chose to eat just the croissant and coffee. Before long we were on the ground, cruising to our gate to deboard on a beautiful and mild Madrid morning. We spotted a few backpacks being pulled from overhead compartments and met a travelers who we may be seeing on the trail. Overall it was a smooth travel day, and we will check in for another update soon. But for now, happy travels!

For more information about in-flight recommendations for travelers with diabetes, please see http://www.DiabetesTravel.org.