After a morning landing, we did our best to stay awake through as much of our first day as possible in order to become accustomed to the local time. We exchanged money, found a place for our first real meal, and purchased our train tickets for the next day to Pamplona.

Jeanie was able to maintain solid control throughout the day, despite managing a 9 hour time change. As recommended by her endocrinologist, she did not change her pump settings upon arrival, but will instead be waiting a day before changing the pump clock.

When we hit the afternoon sleepy lull, Jeanie was ready for an iced coffee to kick through until bedtime. Five minutes after ordering, the barista carried over a clear cup that had a few inches of dark looking chocolate and was filled to the top with whipped cream. We clarified that we had ordered iced coffee, to which he replied “yes, I know” and pointed to the cup. Apparently iced coffee looks a little different here! Jeanie inquired further about what the drink contained and upon confirming that the bottom of the cup was coffee and not chocolate, she decided to adapt and go forward. Remember that if you are not sure what a food or drink items contains, it is always a good idea to ask! If Jeanie’s drink had been chocolate instead of coffee, her blood glucose numbers over the next hour may have looked very different!

As evening approached, we found a supermarket to buy some snacks for the following travel day. Jeanie chose an apple, some small chocolate cookies, and a pack or two of skittles for in the case of emergency lows. We made our purchases and headed back to our hotel, deciding it was finally late enough (8:30) to allow ourselves to sleep. So despite the fact that it was still bright daylight outside, we shut the blinds and called it a day.

We loved the afternoon we got to spend in Madrid, and were stunned by its beauty and architecture. We wished we had more time to spend, but with the Camino quickly approaching, tomorrow calls us to St. Jean, which will be the starting point for our journey. Enjoy these pics until we meet again in Madrid at the end of our trip!