Jeanie does a quick pod switch during our 1 hour layover in Atlanta

Jeanie does a quick pod switch during our 1 hour layover in Atlanta

While traveling we faced the interesting task of taming an incessantly sirening omnipod. Beacuse Jeanie was due for a new pod during the next flight, she decided the best time to switch pods would be during our 1 hour layover in Atlanta.

While making the quick change, the old pod started producing a high pitched alarm type sound. Being in an airport, we decided leaving a small, potentially suspicious, electronic device alarming in the bathroom might not be the best idea. After 5-7 minutes of trying to bang the hard plastic against the counter to break it or get it to stop, we decided that calling the omnipod assistance number might be a more effective and civilized solution. The person on the line informed us there is a small gold dot on the pod which we needed to poke with the end of a paperclip. We had no paperclip, so we tried a key which was too big and an earring which quickly folded out of shape again the hard plastic of the omniood.

We did our best to keep thinking through the high pitched whirrrr of the pod, and in the end found our solution in the small poker that goes through the holes to hook a luggage tag on a bag. We took the luggage tag off and used the small 2-3 centimeters of metal to push with all our might into the little dot, and about 20 seconds later our efforts were rewarded with a thwarted and quiet omnipod.

We finished our jog to the next gate, our last plane having deboarded late, and not realizing our next flight would be departing from a different terminal. We made it to our gate just in time to pull out our boarding passes, neatly held together by the very paperclip which would have solved our omnipod alarm in half the time. We laughed, deciding our bags were packed too full to carry any regret over a matter as small as a paperclip. We were one step closer to Spain!