We found the water!!

We found the water!!

2015-10-07 Finisterre 3

We loved Finisterre's abundance of colorful shops, and doors!

We loved Finisterre’s abundance of colorful shops, and doors!

As we left off yesterday, Jeanie and I decided to move forward along the trail, hoping to find a town and a way back to Negreira that would be quicker than the 3 hour hike back. After a short bit of hiking we saw a car whizz by on a road ahead. We made our way up but it was clear this rural road did not receive much traffic, let alone taxis.

I eventually flagged down a delivery truck man who informed me there were no nearby towns, and even the towns on the route wouldn’t have taxis. I asked if he could call one for us, and he agreed!! We had found just the Spanish trail angel we were looking for! He spent a good few minutes describing our arbitrary location to the man on the line, and then left.

Ten minutes later and we had our taxi to Negreira! After doing a quick mental calculation, we realized that by the time we found insulin we would be out of the running to make it to the coast by foot. We spent the next hours figuring out buses, and by evening we had made it to Finisterre!

After arriving, we found accommodations and headed out to look for a pharmacy. We eventually came to one that was open, and inquired inside about insulin. Jeanie’s prescription was written for insulin pens, but she was hoping to purchase a vial from which to do her manual shots. The minor difference in her prescription and what we wanted was the only potential obstacle we foresaw, and it seemed minor enough.

We asked the woman at the counter about the insulin in stock and she informed us that she could give us insulin pens. I reasoned with her and explained our situation and that a vial would be the most ideal. But then she said it wasn’t because of the prescription, it was that they only carried insulin pens, no vials. Jeanie said ok and checked the box, telling me she would also need needles. I asked the woman and she said we would need to go to the city’s health center in order to obtain needles, that they are not sold in the local pharmacies. It seemed a little odd, but she was very clear, and we thanked her for her time and left. We had the pens but would have to wait until the health center opened the following morning in order to obtain the needles that would render the insulin pens functional. We were putting our insulin supply to the test . . .

We headed back to our hostel, not missing the irony that we were ending our diabetes dysfunction day in a city historically known as “the end of the world,” but I guess even the Camino has a sense of humor sometimes! We will check in with you soon to let you know how our quest for needles turns out tomorrow!